camps & retreats

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By far the most-asked question we get as we approach each summer is, “Can I go to camp?”

Many kids do not get a chance to leave the block they live on during the summer. Camp takes them away from the distractions of their everyday lives and gives them a chance to experience new things -- even if it’s as simple as tubing on a lake, sleeping over with a bunch of new friends or learning about Jesus for the first time or on a deeper level.

Camp Beechpoint, Camp Michawana, Pine Ridge Bible Camp and Camp Tall Turf are among the camps we partner with.

Camps and retreats provide worldview-changing experiences for neighborhood kids, teens and parents, giving them a chance to engage God without the usual distractions.

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Beyond camps, we take kids to retreats throughout the year. These include Where U At -- an urban ministry retreat -- winter retreats to Camp Michawana and leadership retreats.

Our kids at camps & retreats 2017 by the numbers:



Kids experienced camps.




Families attended camps.




Participated in year-round retreats.