misson & values

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Mission & Values

We exist to transform communities through kids by providing long-term, life-changing, worldview-expanding relationships, led by Jesus Christ.

We do this one block at a time -- by creating neighborhood programming that empowers kids to become leaders. And we do this one kid at time -- by partnering with neighborhood parents to bring kids into mentoring relationships.


Community Kids is like a family. That’s why we pose this question: If any kid were your nephew or niece, what would you want for them and what can you do to support them?  

We consider the board, staff and volunteers all as family members. So whatever we would do for our own brother or sister, we try to be willing to do for those serving alongside us in the ministry.

Kids are most influenced by their families; that’s why we make it a priority to partner with parents. This often means meeting them where they’re at -- in the neighborhood. We partner with parents by meeting in homes, on front porches, in backyards and in community spaces.  


Everyone (including kids, drug dealers and OGs -- original gangsters -- on the block) is a leader with God-given skills, gifts and abilities. We believe each leader benefits when others walk alongside them -- that’s when they are best able to work out what God has called them to do.  


Our main goal is to become more like Jesus. Christ followers represent Jesus to the kids. The kids represent Jesus to us. When we serve the kids we do so as though we are serving Jesus.