150 kids are experiencing camp this summer, but we don’t want them to have just one mountain top experience, we want these kids to know the love of Christ, and be supported through life’s joys and challenges, with help from a consistent and stable mentor.

Our Mentoring Project will help us accomplish our ongoing mission to engage kids in long-term, life-changing, worldview-expanding relationships led by Christ. All funds will go to our general fund to support our overall mission — which all leads back to these long-term, Christ-led relationships.

Two main initiatives will help us meet our mission:

  • We are hiring, resourcing and developing a Mentor/Volunteer Mission Director. 

  • We are resourcing, creating and developing a mentoring center as a tool for the Mentor Director to utilize.

Young Adults Who Were At-Risk for Falling Off Track But Had a Mentor Are:

Data from:

Why hire a Mentor & Volunteer Mission Director?

Reasons for hiring a Mentor Director:

  1. We have 60 kids wanting to be matched with a mentor. 

  2. We believe summer camp is just the beginning to kids developing a relationship with God. Ongoing follow up and support is needed. 

  3. We have 25-30 consistent volunteers who are beginning to enter into mentoring relationships. A Mentor Director will help oversee and support them. 

Approximate financial cost & returns for Community Kids: 

  • $1,800-$2,000 a month will compensate the Mentor Director. This includes salary, training and tools.

  • We estimate it will take $40 to sponsor 1 mentoring match relationship each month. This will help support the Mentor Director’s time spent in oversight of the quality of the relationship between the kid. mentor and family. This includes in-home visits, setting goals, texting, phone calls and appointments with the mentor. 

  • The potential Return on Investment is around 20 long-term, volunteer mentors enabling the development of 20 young leaders, in relationships led by Christ.


apply for our mentor/volunteer mission director position

If you know of someone who is passionate about kids, Christ and who wants to open their hands to serve, tell them about our Mentor/Volunteer Mission Director position!

  • Download our job description here

  • Download our compensation guidelines info sheet here

  • Apply by sending your resume and cover letter to


Why resource a Mentoring Center?

Reasons for resourcing a Mentoring Center:

  1. The Mentor Director and volunteers will have a safe place to mentor youth when most convenient for them, and will have tools to support their relationships.

  2. Youth will gain not only a safe and convenient place to hang out, but more face-to-face contact with role models who can keep them on the right path. 

  3. The Executive Director will be able to fall into healthy patterns of rest, not having his house as the main ministry center, giving kids other options to find a safe place with caring adults. 

Approximate financial cost & return for Community Kids:

  • $450 a month for two 850 square foot classrooms that will be developed into a hangout and community space.

  • $6,000 one time cost for updating the spaces to fit the Mentoring Center needs.